Marching to a different drum

The 14th of June. Sunday. The day the Disneyland Monorail opened. Yes, monorail.

The end of the world, originally slated for 2012, has been rescheduled to next week.

Matt Taibbi is a real pain in the ass and that’s what makes him a great journalist. Not always right but, as this article shows, usually provocative. And The Times profiles another rank-breaking journalist who has been a pain in the side to the president, Chris Wallace.

Lane Glenn, Brian Kyes and Paul Tucker wrote an opinion piece in Commonwealth Magazine about raising the bar on policing in Massachusetts. It’s a good start.

Traffic is back, according to the Globe. There’s even a Three Stooges reference.

And, researchers have identified a cellular mechanism that could lead to an effective treatment for obesity. But wait. There’s more. It can also make you younger (by minimizing “the accumulation of reactive oxygen species, or oxidative stress, in our bodies, which ultimately results in neurodegeneration and aging”). We shall see.