Skin in the game

Tuesday, I think. Right?

He was a nice guy that we all knew from TV.

There was shock and outrage from the defense bar after prosecutors asked for a higher bail for a homeless man accused of robbery when it became clear that the Massachusetts Bail Fund would pay his way. But I’m with the DA on this one. Bail is a surety to insure that the defendant will appear at trial. Why would an indigent person show up for a trial that could end up with them being convicted and incarcerated when they had nothing to lose by avoiding it?

The MBTA is scrambling to find money to keep the lights on. It looks like a little bit of creative bookkeeping may be involved.

The NYT reports that Irish government officials are dropping like flies in the wake of GolfGate. Who thought that a large private dinner gala for senior officials at a hotel in Clifden in the middle of a pandemic was a good idea? “This was in the context of people having been very compliant here with the coronavirus regulations, rather more so than in many other countries,” a professor at Trinity College told the Times. “Some people didn’t even go to parents’ or grandparents’ funerals.” So yes, I can see why people are upset.

And some putz on LinkedIn wrote that New York City was dead forever. “Are .. You .. Kidding .. Me?!”

A bridge to August

It’s Monday, July 20th, probably the best date on the calendar. It’ll be a hot one.

Billy Baker has yet another (great) story about greenhead flies.

Dan Primack and Nicholas Johnston use bullet points to explain how we blew it in preparing for the current outbreak. I continue to believe it’s all about testing, which we never really got right and which we’re still struggling with.

An Irish poem about yanks coming to visit in the days of coronavirus (via the Irish Post.) It’s a sad read.

The administration is revisiting that 100% tariff on European wine that was proposed and kiboshed a few months ago. It’s not what the bar and restaurant economy needs right now but it could still happen. On the local level there’s some good news for small breweries that wanted flexibility on distribution.

The Post looks at a new book on evolution that finds friendliness often beats fitness when it comes to survival. Dogs figured this out. Here’s the proof.

Oh, and on Friday the Internet broke. But now it’s fixed.

Part of the solution

Wednesday. RIP Carl Reiner.

Yesterday was a good day in Massachusetts. The first good day since March 20th. Nobody died from the virus.

The Globe runs a remarkably simplistic story about diversity in the Boston Police Department. Events from more than thirty years ago are dredged up to illustrate the department’s “enduring reputation as a racist institution.” A forgone conclusion erasing years of hard-won progress by a reporter in the city for less than a year. The article is unfortunate because hiring a more diverse force is an important issue that should be the subject of a real public discussion. The BPD and the mayor are on record as wanting to change the breakdown of the department, but there are actual legal, political and bureaucratic obstacles to doing that, not to mention the recruiting challenges in the current atmosphere. That’s what the discussion should be about, not tired old cliches about foot dragging.

The merger of two long-established Dorchester parishes, St. Ann and St. Brendan, has been approved. The archdiocese is now asking for input on a name for the newly consolidated parish.

Daniel Mulhall, Irish Ambassador to the US, is interviewed by the Washington Post. He talks about tweeting poetry, diplomacy during a pandemic and working with the current US administration. On the last point he was characteristically diplomatic.

And according to AnandTech, 400 terabyte drives are around the corner. It’s due to new technology for higher data density tape. That’s right, tape. What’s old is new again. File under: cold storage.

Playing catch-up

It’s Tuesday. Today’s word is fraternize.

Victoria Turk examines digital etiquette in the time of coronavirus. But the crew from Progressive Insurance really nails the reality.

The state budget normally comes out in April. But nothing about this year has been normal. A stop-gap, one month budget, meant to keep the government up and running, is making its way through the legislature while the administration continues its work on the main FY2021 budget.

In Massachusetts, we’ve flattened the curve – and then some.

US citizens traveling to Ireland are still under an order to quarantine. And they’re not joking over there. If you’re an Irish citizen wanting to travel to the US, well, forget it. You can’t come. That’s the scoop from Laoise Moore, the Irish general counsel to Boston, received by Ed Forry.

Well, no new hardware was announced, but a lot of new software features were previewed at the Apple event yesterday. Here’s a breakdown from 9to5Mac. Also, Dan Moren hones in on some of the little things you may have missed.

And The Grateful Dead is expanding its artistic range by introducing a new line of deodorant. You’ll smell like Sunshine. Even a blind man knows when the sun is shining.

One epidemiological unit

It’s Monday. May the 4th be with you.

Adrian Walker talks to both Marty Walsh and potential 2021 rivals, Michelle Wu and Andrea Campbell, about how the crisis has changed the political landscape for the next Boston mayoral race.

The thing about coronavirus mitigation is that land borders don’t matter very much. How one jurisdiction acts, or doesn’t act, bleeds over to affect their neighbors. In Ireland, infection rates in the north and in the republic are showing how the different approaches each took are playing out across those the borders and giving rise to discussions about Irish unification.

Almost a quarter of Massachusetts workers have filed for unemployment, according to labor officials. That’s an incredible number.

Contact tracing will be a big part of any reopening. Here’s a primer from Dylan Scott.

And I was wondering why there were no MAGA masks so I googled. Here they come. We’re living in a Simpsons episode. Some people get the irony, others just like the colorful characters.