Do as I say

Happy Friday. It’s Mole Day.

Fungie the dolphin, who entertained visitors to Dingle Bay for many years, is missing.

Freedom of Information requests are a huge pain for people who work in government. They’re labor intensive and expensive, taking staff time from other tasks when there’s more to do and less time to do it. But that’s the deal, right? That’s the price of transparency in government. At least it is in some parts of the government.

And speaking of special treatment; no overseas traveling for you. But for people like Brad Pitt and Kylie Jenner it’s easy to skip to the head of the quarantine line.

A Dutch hacker thought he had guessed @realdonaldtrump’s Twitter password: maga2020!. Maybe he did but there’s some skepticism about how much access he got to the account.

And this is how we treated a cold back in 1955. We’ve come a long way since then. (We have iPhones and AirPods now, instead of books and bedside radios.)

Not out of the woods

Thursday is upon us. It’s National Shawarma Day.

There’s new music from Stevie Wonder.

The South Shore is seeing an increase in cases. Marshfield, Hanover and Plymouth are in the high-risk category now, with Duxbury and Scituate not far behind. The death rate in Massachusetts, even with its concentration of quality hospitals, is higher than in surrounding states, which is a bit of a mystery. Nationally, it looks like the US is heading for a third peak. And Germany, Ireland and the UK are also bracing for more cases.

Ryanair is closing its bases in Shannon and Cork, at least for the winter, with more cuts expected to come.

I listened to the entire hour-long questioning of the guy who turned the supposed Hunter Biden laptop over to Guliani and the New York Post. (The journalistic badgering and cajoling made me uncomfortable and reminded me of Janet Malcolm’s writing. I guess that’s just the sausage getting made.) Maybe it’s my suspicious nature, but it’s clear to me that this whole fake laptop story was a plant, probably involving overseas actors. October surprise indeed.

And if some industries are thinking of leaving New York, Big Tech is bucking the trend by expanding its presence in the city. And they’re no dummies.

The biggest mask wins

Friday. It’s a state of mind. Happy birthday to Gandhi, Groucho and Greene.

Imagine living upstairs at Doyles? That’s the plan submitted by a developer. Condos upstairs, pints downstairs. A person could get into a rut.

The President and First Lady have tested positive for coronavirus.

Forget facial recognition. In these days of Zoom, the real invasive technology is AI-based facial analysis. This demonstration provided by the EU shows how your PC camera picks up all of your tells.

Brexit update: Things are stalled. Boris Johnson’s October 15 deadline is in flux now.

And Subway sandwiches has run afoul of the Irish Supreme Court. The court ruled that the bread in their sandwiches wasn’t actually bread because of the amount of sugar it contained. It would be more accurately classified as a confectionary. Something like a donut sandwich. Can you imagine?

Transition of power

It is Thursday. Only 98 days left in 2020 and 88 until the start of winter.

Andrea Campbell is running for mayor. Good luck to her. A lot will depend on what happens with the presidential election.

And this presidential election will be like no other. I’m getting a very bad feeling about November and beyond. Is it too late for New England to join the EU?

On a happier note and on World Maritime Day, a father and son team of fishermen from Galway have made another sea rescue. They’re getting pretty good at this.

The Metropolitan Opera has cancelled its entire season. No live broadcasts to liven up the winter, unfortunately.

And to quote the Governor of Missouri, “You don’t need government to tell you to wear a dang mask.” Damm right! He and his wife have cancelled upcoming events after they both tested positive.

Bait and switch

Today is Thursday, September 17, Constitution Day.

In Minneapolis, where local politicians were calling for eliminating police earlier in the year, those same politicians are now asking, “Where are the police?”

Northern Ireland was always the sticking point for a functional Brexit and at this late date it still is. With a January deadline for the UK to leave the EU, Boris Johnson is reneging on the previous agreement for border controls along the Irish Sea. Businesses are not happy with the lack of a clear plan. The alternative to the previous agreement is, potentially, a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, something few want. What a mess.

The president has a secret health plan. (That’s all you need to know. It’s secret.)

Daniel Sheehan profiles Ashmont Cycles amidst a biking boom and a neighborhood relocation.

And Olga Massov wants to rehabilitate the reputation of tiramisu. She has her work cut out for her. A good tiramisu can be wonderful but most are really very bad.