A bridge to nowhere

Today is Saturday. A cool, snowy May 9th. Yes, you heard that right.

The summer of 2020 has been officially cancelled. And here’s where things start to get weird.

Yesterday’s unemployment numbers were cataclysmic. But the stock market keeps rising. Federal officials are taking a wait and see approach to pumping more money into the economy while some, like Elizabeth Warren, are advocating that we act now to help people who are out of work and send more money to local governments and small businesses that are hurting. Oh, and there’s an election in the fall. It’s a high stakes game for the future of the country.

Roy, of Siegfried and Roy, has succumbed to Covid-19.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution is reporting that it was the DA that blocked the arrests of the father and son accused of killing Ahmaud Arbery.

And if you’re bored at home, Nicola Tröhler provides video instruction for channeling your inner Terry Gilliam. Or, you could just go to the master himself.

The money go-round

Saturday. In the Park. Everyone is wearing a mask.

He’s back. Kim Jong Un was seen cutting a ribbon at a fertilizer plant. Apparently it’s proof that he’s alive and well and all those rumors were just a big nothing burger.

Despite a few plunges in March, the stock market has had as many ups as downs recently, even in the face of devastating business closures and unprecedented job losses. It seems disconnected from reality, although to some people it all makes sense. But if investors aren’t worried about an economic collapse, regular people are, as are economists. Even Warren Buffet is bucking the trend. How this will play out is a mystery.

Local business leaders are anxious to get the economy back into gear but are worried that moving too fast will prolong the spread of the virus and result in rolling lockdowns into the future. The Mass High Tech Council released a roadmap that outlines a measured approach to avoid this. In Amsterdam, they’re going for the doughnut, an audacious plan that exploits the crisis for long term benefit. That will be interesting to watch.

Matty Simmons, the business mind behind the National Lampoon, has died.

Jerry Seinfeld has a good hour. He’s been working on material for the last few years and this week his highly anticipated Netflix special comes out. Great.

And for those of us who would like to beat back aging and live forever, this may be some good news. Also watch out for speeding buses.