The money go round

Saturday. It’s July 17th, which, of course, makes it Yellow Pig Day.

Rachael Cohen harkens back to the good old days of… Scott Brown? That’s how out of the mainstream the current Massachusetts GOP has become.

The state budget has been signed into law, two weeks after it went into effect. Governor Baker made some changes to what had been sent to him, but a veto is unlikely. And, finally, the film tax credit was settled. It’s now a permanent thing.

Ben and Jerry were unabashed social justice warriors. But the company they founded seems to be having an uncharacteristic crisis of conscience over an Israeli franchise.

A cache of ancient bitcoin” has been discovered moving around in the ledger. No, it’s not from an archeological dig, it’s from a wallet that’s been dormant since 2011, which in bitcoin terms is ancient. The interesting part of all this is that it could be part of the fortune owned by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, an indication that he might still be out and about somewhere.

And forget the iPhone. Now there’s the Freedom Phone. Such a deal.

Pixel imperfect

A lazy start to Saturday.

Worcester is the new Hollywood.

When it came to Nikon vs. Canon, I was always a Nikon guy. A lot has changed in the camera world since those days. Sony, Fujifilm, Panasonic and even Leica are competing with the big brands. Nikon has struggled to stay relevant. Their recent product roadmap probably won’t help.

Bitcoin mining tended to be done in places where there were weird rules around electric use, often in third world countries. Texas now joins that list.

Tree House beer is legendary. It’s a destination beverage. They’re now the largest brewery in the state, outside of Boston. Previously you had to drive all the way to Charlton to sample one of their brews but now you can pick up some cans at their soon to open taproom in Sandwich.

And if you insist on arguing about politics on social media, do it on something like WhatsApp. You’ll never win on Facebook.

Too hot to handle

Tuesday. A chance to restart the week.

The NWS is forecasting a ‘Max Apparent Temperature’ of 101 on the south shore today. That’s hot. You can always use a bucket of cold water to cool off.

ArtNews reported that a Picasso, stolen almost a decade ago in Athens, might still be in the country. It was cut out of its frame in a heist at the National Art Gallery. Sources said the painting went on the black market but it was too high profile for underworld buyers. Then, yesterday, police recovered it from a crypt in a Greek town. Good ending. Makes you wonder if those Gardner paintings will ever turn up.

The 41 year-old owner of a billion dollars worth of bitcoin drowned in Costa Rica. If he has a will – and has provided a password to his wallet – someone will get the coin. If not, it just ceases to exist, except in the ledger.

The New York Times features the recipe for Jordan Marsh blueberry muffins. Just looking at the photo brings back memories of how good they tasted.

And Facebook is worth a trillion dollars after this Supreme Court decision. What is it again that they sell? Oh, that’s right.

Safe harbor

Today is Sunday. A day of rest.

Are you a natural short sleeper? Apparently there’s a gene for that and scientists think they’ve found it.

After almost two weeks, the Steamship Authority systems are back and old ferry reservation data has been restored. A spokesperson wouldn’t tell the Globe how they resolved the problem but from the outside it looks like they paid a ransom. If they did, as a government-owned entity, they should be a little more transparent, don’t you think?

It’s a match made in the stars: cryptocurrency speculation and astrology.

Daniel Howley has a primer on two-factor authentication and Josephine Wolff reveals 5 myths about ransomware, one of which is why two-factor is only one tool to prevent an attack.

And the Times wants to know why the IRS rarely audits private equities firms. I know, right?

Following the money

A sunny Friday. Today’s word is poignant.

A Google-developed AI is building its own, better, AI. And so it begins.

Acting Mayor Kim Janey is the top fundraiser in the race for the permanent position. Assibi George is next in line. I typed each into the OPCF site and added “police” to the employer field for some interesting results, especially as relates to who was not chosen as police commissioner last week.

Was half of the pandemic relief money really stolen, as Axios reports? Al Tompkins found some skeptics.

The Times tells us that bitcoin can be traced. Of course it can. The whole idea behind bitcoin is the public ledger. It’s a record of transactions for all to see. Without the public ledger the currency would have no value. And since it’s all public, the movement of money can be tracked. Who owns the bitcoin is ‘technically’ unknown, but there are plenty of tricks available to figure that out too.

And a UFO-ologist warns us not to be fooled by the upcoming Pentagon report. OK.