The yanks are coming

Tuesday. Hot enough for ya?

Nice free commercial for Smashburger in the Globe today.

When the coronavirus hit, the people of Ireland locked down and made sacrifices for the national good. They listened to their medical experts. Vacations were forgone. Parades were cancelled. Pubs were closed. Even the Irish president, a medical doctor, kicked in and made sacrifices. As a result, the country is currently in good shape and things are beginning to relax. But seeing what’s happening over here, the Irish are not overly enthusiastic about the arrival of American tourists who may or may not take quarantine precautions seriously. Even ex-pat Americans who have been living in the country are suspect because of their accents, as Tim Kirk reports.

The RealFeel temperature hit 100° on the southern coast of Massachusetts yesterday. (Actual temp was 98.6°.) That’s pretty hot for these parts.

Adam Gaffin alerts us to a local story about a “very good dog” and his naked human dog walkers, who tussled with the police when questioned about their bare state. At least the officers didn’t have to worry about a concealed weapon.

And if you can’t avoid the virus, at least you can trim down to make yourself less susceptible to its effects. Wisdom from Boris Johnson, who spent some time in the Covid-19 ICU earlier in the year.

Failure is not an option

It’s Monday. Hot hot hot. Today’s word is Anomaly.

The Washing Post factiously asked, “If a Taylor Swift album drops in a pandemic, does it make a sound?” Here’s the answer.

Six months out and testing for Covid-19 is still a work in progress. They say you can’t manage what you can’t measure and since testing is how we measure the coronavirus spread it should come as no surprise that we’re having a problem with managing outbreaks. This is problem solving 101. The federal government gets a D-minus on this simple, solvable problem. Didn’t we go to the moon once?

Speaking of going to the moon, the Times maps out all the things of earthly origin that are making their way through space.

Stevie Nicks, who was in a very different Fleetwood Mac than the one Peter Green played in, paid tribute to the deceased guitarist on Twitter. “My biggest regret is that I never got to share the stage with him. I always hoped in my heart of hearts that it would happen,” she tweeted. Here’s one of Green’s songs performed by Haim. Turn it up!

Scientists still don’t know why we dream. But they’re working on it. Here’s a new theory that swings for the fences but ends up grounding out.

It’s a cook book!

A sultry mid-summer Sunday morning. Another 90 degree-plus stretch begins.

The great Peter Green is dead. The person who wrote his obituary is also dead.

There are three missions to Mars planned for this year, one each by the US, China and the United Arab Emirates. But that’s nothing compared to what Elon Musk has in store. He plans to send a million people to the red planet, three ships leaving each day. Jobs for everyone. Sign me up. I’ll open a cocktail lounge up there. It’ll be a Mars Bar.

Here are today’s coronavirus numbers. As Helen Branswell notes, they’re heading in the wrong direction.

With a drastic reduction in tourists and school groups, Boston’s historical sites are struggling to remain solvent. And the people that are coming tend to be from states with high infection rates, which isn’t exactly the best situation.

And Midtown Manhattan is a ghost town this summer and not just because everyone went to Nantucket.

The Endless Summer

A Saturday. On this date the SS Andrea Doria collided with the MS Stockholm just south of Nantucket. Also, Bob Dylan went electric at Newport.

Boston is losing one of its best murals. Hopefully it can be recreated at another location.

Coronavirus roundup: There were over 73,000 new cases in the US yesterday. South Africa is braced for the worst. Experts are struggling with predictions for when infections will peak. 13 elderly nuns in a Michigan convent died from Covid-19, but a nursing home in Baltimore seems to have beaten the odds. There are still problems with supplies. And Dr. Fauci is in a NYT crossword. He’s also in a Sinclair News propaganda video being accused of actually creating the virus. I need a new planet.

I don’t always agree with David Brooks but sometimes he hits it out of the park. This is one of those times.

What could possibly go wrong in the November election? Garrett Graff lists 8 things.

Bill Forry provides a list of potential names for the new consolidated St. Ann/St. Brendan parish. I like St. John Paul II Parish but there are other strong contenders.

And the quantum Internet is coming. But not as soon as this article implies.

Breaking with convention

Friday, July 24th. It’s opening day!

If you do manage to plan a vacation, you may need to get a tested before you go. That may not be as easy as you think. Deborah Becker looks at testing turnaround times.

Well, so much for the Republican Convention in Jacksonville. Cancelled. At least one guy is happy, the local sheriff, Mike Williams, who had the impossible task of providing security for the late-scheduled event.

More than 1000 Twitter employees had access to the tools used in the big hack last week, Reuters reports. That’s not a very tight ship.

UFOs are back in the news. Multiple sources report that we’re in possession of artifacts from something that crashed at some point in time. Not very specific but fascinating, nonetheless.

And, how can you tell if the coronavirus is spreading in your area? Check to see if your local Apple store is open. (I’m guessing that the stores in Brazil are all closed.)