Yuletide rising

Christmas on a Friday. Have a merry one.

Comcast plays the part of Scrooge this year. The ghost of Christmas’ future might see a lot more people cutting the cable.

It’s Christmas in Kenmore Square.

This story in the Globe about today’s crazy weather is blandly routine but just add a photo by John Tlumacki and it pops.

Here are some Christmas photos from around the world.

And how about a stocking stuffer from Weird Al. It’s a nice story.

Too little too late

Today is Saturday. The word of the day is comity.

New England isn’t the only place that was whacked with a snowstorm.

Our great failure as a nation, at all levels of government, but particularly at the federal level, was on coronavirus testing. Now, as vaccines are rolling out there are plans to fix this. We’ll see.

Frommer’s travel guide for 2020 will be… different.

The New York Times looked at what happens to all the stuff when a mall closed down. The photos by Jesse Rieser are the best part of the story.

And two of USA Today’s 10 best Christmas lights locations are in Massachusetts: Bright Nights in Springfield and Winterlights in Canton and Stockbridge. Brilliant!