Coming full circle

A sunny, crisp Monday morning.

Keep an eye out for Teslas driving erratically this week. (And don’t get behind a Mini.)

With crime on the rise, German Lopez wrote an article in Vox on policing in the defund-the-police era. Basically, he suggests that law enforcement find out what approaches work and do more of that. In other words, go back to doing what you were doing.

This is a crazy story. A new media firm courting investment from Goldman Sachs set up a conference call with a YouTube executive. Things did not go as planned.

The Apple watch app that used to tell you to breath (I already was) has been replaced by one focused on mindfulness. But it turns out that mindlessness might actually be better for you. If it all this seems too complicated and stressful, you can just go back to breathing. If you have the time.

And according to the Washington Post, “The United States now has more legal cannabis workers than dentists, paramedics or electrical engineers.” High times.

Pocket change

Monday morning. It’s a birthday for Upton Sinclair, Red Auerbach and Sophia Loren.

Why doesn’t Lamborghini advertise on TV? For the same reason Willie Sutton didn’t rob hardware stores. Marketing 101.

Here are some things to know about the looming debt default. There’s always the $1 trillion platinum coin option.

There’s another dimension to the chip shortage affecting carmakers. The chips used in cars are antiquated and the semiconductor industry doesn’t want to invest in new foundries to manufacture out-of-date chips. They want the auto industry to redesign their systems to take advantage of more modern chips. Carmakers are understandably holding back because of safety and reliability concerns. A logjam inside of a logjam.

France is still miffed at the US and Australia over the submarine deal. But they’re giving Britain a pass. Is that a good thing? Is their relationship too important to risk a snub, or is the lack of a snub, itself, a snub?

And September is bike month. Galen Mook, the executive director of MassBike, has some timely suggestions for improving access and safety.

Extracurricular activities

Friday, 9/11. Nineteen years ago.

Flights from Boston to Ireland have been significantly curtailed by the coronavirus, so much so that Air Lingus is considering moving its Shannon flight operations elsewhere, possibly to the UK. That would be a huge blow to the area.

Local colleges are starting to bubble up with new cases. BC had their numbers more than double this week. And the state is ramping up hiring for contract tracers. Fall is here.

So how does this work? Your taxes are deferred this year but you have to pay them back in full next year. Unless you elect me. Then you’re off the hook. There’s a word for this… wait, wait, it’s on the tip of my tongue…

This house, on the market in Fall River, is a bargain. It’s beautifully restored and fully furnished with period pieces. The catch? It might be haunted by Lizzie Borden. Actually, I’d call that a selling point.

And Maseratis are a dime a dozen on the roads these days. Just another luxury car for people with way too much money. But now, for the first time in sixteen years, the company is releasing a super car that will take it back to its roots. If something is unattainable it should at least be cool and go very fast.