Another quiet Sunday morning. It’s a birthday for Jim Croce, Donald Fagan and Ronnie Hawkins.

2020 was the 50th anniversary of the founding of one of the newspapers on Nantucket called Yesterday’s Island. They’re collecting stories of life on the island in 1970. Here’s one that brought back some memories for me.

From the New York Times, writing about the death of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick at the hands of rioters incited by the president: “Mr. Trump has not reached out to Mr. Sicknick’s family, although Vice President Mike Pence called to offer condolences, an aide to Mr. Pence said.” And the flags at the White House are not at half-mast.

Checking in on Fox News this morning I heard very little about the most important events of the last few days like, you know, the deadly attack on America. But there was plenty of talk about the backlash. I heard outrage over shutting down social media accounts and the potential for impeachment. Essentially they were painting President Trump and people on the right as victims of everything that happened this week. Shameful spin.

Car makers are shutting down over a lack of semiconductors. Cars are computers. So it makes sense for Apple to get into the game.

And Brexit trade is getting off to a shaky start. Companies working across the borders are seeing some “grit in the mechanism.”

Free movement

Today is Tuesday. Jon Voight‘s birthday. Happy birthday.

2020 may be remembered as the year of the great bucatini shortage. Rachel Handler tells us more than we wanted to know about the mighty pasta industrial complex.

William Booth has a Q&A on what BREXIT means for the average Briton. No more pet passports, for one thing.

NBC 10 has posted 41 of Mark Garfinkel‘s best photos from the year. Some serious technical chops at work there.

Everyone from podcasters to vloggers to journalists are moving to a monthly subscription model. Even Dan Kennedy is trying out a $5 a month model. Good luck to him.

And Air travel is up as covid is spreading. On top of that, the 737 Max is back in the air, taking passengers between Miami and LaGuardia. What could possibly go wrong?

London calling

Today is Saturday, December 26th. Boxing Day.

We’ve been deprecated! Boston is no longer in the top ten largest metro areas.

The BREXIT trade deal is (almost) done. It could have gone much worse for the UK, which didn’t hold many cards. The agreement gives Britain special status as a trade partner with the EU, which will benefit both sides. Northern Ireland will be considered part of the EU customs area so there will be no hard border reinstated. But fishing could be an issue as quotas are still being worked out “fish by fish”.

Maybe we have the Neanderthals to blame for Covid.

It’s still up in the air whether the president will sign the stimulus relief bill. Here’s what happens if he doesn’t. Not a good situation.

And if you’re looking for a new podcast, The Guardian rates twenty good ones from 2020.

Blood in the water

Sat. 10-17-20. The anniversary of the London Beer Flood.

Dr. Fauci and other health experts talk turkey.

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy shared a video of a great white hunting just feet from the beach in Provincetown. It didn’t turn out well for the seal, who apparently didn’t know that it was Sharktober. (The Globe reposted the video on its site but added a pre-roll ad to it. I wonder how that works.)

There’s something fishy about the latest deadlock in the ongoing Brexit saga.

These are just some of the scientific journals that have found it necessary to get into politics in this age of science skepticism: The Lancet, Science Magazine, Scientific American, The New England Journal of Medicine and Nature. Carl Sagan saw it coming. I can almost hear his voice reading the passage.

And if you have a melody stuck in your head, Google might be able to help with its new Hum to Search feature. I will be testing this.

The biggest mask wins

Friday. It’s a state of mind. Happy birthday to Gandhi, Groucho and Greene.

Imagine living upstairs at Doyles? That’s the plan submitted by a developer. Condos upstairs, pints downstairs. A person could get into a rut.

The President and First Lady have tested positive for coronavirus.

Forget facial recognition. In these days of Zoom, the real invasive technology is AI-based facial analysis. This demonstration provided by the EU shows how your PC camera picks up all of your tells.

Brexit update: Things are stalled. Boris Johnson’s October 15 deadline is in flux now.

And Subway sandwiches has run afoul of the Irish Supreme Court. The court ruled that the bread in their sandwiches wasn’t actually bread because of the amount of sugar it contained. It would be more accurately classified as a confectionary. Something like a donut sandwich. Can you imagine?