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A lazy start to Saturday.

Worcester is the new Hollywood.

When it came to Nikon vs. Canon, I was always a Nikon guy. A lot has changed in the camera world since those days. Sony, Fujifilm, Panasonic and even Leica are competing with the big brands. Nikon has struggled to stay relevant. Their recent product roadmap probably won’t help.

Bitcoin mining tended to be done in places where there were weird rules around electric use, often in third world countries. Texas now joins that list.

Tree House beer is legendary. It’s a destination beverage. They’re now the largest brewery in the state, outside of Boston. Previously you had to drive all the way to Charlton to sample one of their brews but now you can pick up some cans at their soon to open taproom in Sandwich.

And if you insist on arguing about politics on social media, do it on something like WhatsApp. You’ll never win on Facebook.

Civics 101

Today is Wednesday. It’s the 19th of February. No snow in the forecast, at least until March. Famous last words considering we’re in New England.

Trillium and Treehouse, two Massachusetts breweries, were at the top of a list of the 100 best breweries in the world. It seems like New England is now the Tuscany of beer.

The president runs the executive branch and the DOJ is under that branch so, yes, technically he is the chief law enforcement officer. But NASA is also in the executive branch so would the president also be the chief astronaut? There’s a difference between having a title and the responsibility of office and assuming an actual expertise in an area.

Rachael Rollins reflects on her first year in office for Commonwealth Magazine.

New license plates in Ontario have a unique property. The numbers disappear when lit by headlights. (It’s a bug, not a feature.)

And Christopher Muther says it’s time to do away with reclining seats on planes. I agree. The costs outweigh the benefits.