It’s a two way street

Happy Tuesday. It’s a birthday for Beckett and Heaney.

Starting this week, the Sagamore Bridge will lose a lane for maintenance work. Just in time for early-spring travel to the Cape, although the plan is to finish the work before Memorial Day.

Boston needs its police department and the department needs the support of the people of the city. But today, going into the summer, the relationship is dysfunctional. As Ally Jarmanning points out, we’ve been in this situation before. We worked our way out of it. It takes time and effort to rebuild trust and there’s no time like the present to start that work.

Half of Massachusetts residents have had at least one shot. So we’re getting there.

The MBTA is pushing ahead with a one year, $2 billion dollar capital spending plan. Why one year instead of the typical 5 year plan? Mostly funding uncertainties, which doesn’t bode well for any kind of real strategic planning at the T.

And Apple, the company, is very secretive about upcoming events and products. When someone inside Apple gets caught leaking information they usually get fired. So what’s going to happen to Siri?

Take this job and…

It’s Monday. Let’s do it all again.

Sabine Hossenfelder transports us to another dimension. Part 1 of 2.

The New York Times spoke to Covid-stressed mayors, many of whom were from Massachusetts, starting with Donna Holaday from Newburyport. Thomas McGee of Lynn and Joe Curtatone of Somerville also weighed in, as did Thomas Bernard, the mayor of North Adams. Twenty percent of the mayors in Massachusetts are considering a different line of work.

Some guy won the golf thing.

The iPhone 12 has been out for almost half a year. When it was released many of us were excited about the camera improvements and rushed to check out the initial reviews. Sebastiaan de With, of Halide, has been using his iPhone camera for months now and offers a comprehensive and long-term review with lots of photos. Good read for photography nerds.

And, speaking of cameras, the ones on our laptops are pretty horrible. I mostly use my phone camera for Zoom calls because of its much higher quality. I always wondered why Apple hadn’t improved the quality of the cameras on the Macs. Maybe this is why.

Go Yankees

Is it Wednesday already? Yes it is.

Former intelligence director John Ratcliffe says that the UFOs are coming. Better get Arnold on the phone.

Hugh O’Brien was the first Irish mayor of Boston. That was in 1885. Since then it’s been mostly Irish men as mayor. Christopher Child’s genealogical research reveals that with the exception of John Collins, who had some Scottish ancestors, all of these men had recent family origins in Ireland. Tom Menino broke the Irish hold with great-grandparents who came from Italy. Now as Kim Janey steps into the role, Child looked into her family background. Interestingly, she will be the first mayor since 1930 with a great grandparent born in Massachusetts. So I guess you could say that, after 91 years, a yankee is back in the mayor’s office.

Another day, another mass shooting in Colorado.

Miriam Wasser writes about why a local challenge to the Weymouth natural gas compressor facility is a big deal that could reverberate nationally.

And Windows XP seemed like it was around forever. It was here for only 12 years. Mac OS X, on the other hand, is 20 years old and it seems as good as new.

Devil in the details

Today is Wednesday. It’s a good day to wear green.

The Globe has a story on pickled peppers just in case you’re predisposed to pick a peck.

The Justice Department is switching over to incident-based national crime reporting for this year. Much more detailed information is provided to the FBI by local police under the new system. The New York Times dipped its toes into the story but there’s a lot more to the transition than they can cover in a quick overview. In any case, Boston, unlike New York, Chicago and New Orleans, has already updated its police data systems to be able to report more detailed crime information for the new format.

Chris Matyszczyk wonders why Apple is encouraging you to mistreat your phone.

Samsung is warning that the semiconductor shortage will impact its businesses. Car manufacturers have already sounded the alarm on the shortage.

And toss that morning coffee. This new morning drink from Mountain Dew has lots of caffeine and all sorts of nutrients. And, I’m guessing, it will make a great whiskey chaser.

Out with the old

Sunday morning. Early March. It’s World Math Day!

According a paper in the British Journal of Social Psychology, it turns out that you can bullshit a bullshitter.

Like David Sparks, I considered selling my iMac Pro when the new M1 Macs came out. But I didn’t and I’m glad. He’s right, it is a great computer, probably the best I’ve ever used, especially for managing large Lightroom catalogs. But it looks like Apple is ramping down production and that’s too bad. Then again, those new M1 iMacs that are just around the corner will give me something to look forward to.

Ahhh, the good old days, according to Gab. (Hey dad, FOTG!)

Woman’s History Month is a good time to check out this book on woman street photographers and to celebrate maybe the greatest in the genere, the enigmatic Vivian Maier. And another of my favorites, Mary Ellen Mark.

And who says iPhones aren’t rugged. This one spent 6 months at the bottom of a lake and it just turned right on.