We buy ugly federalist townhouses

It’s Wednesday. Expect a warming trend. All the way up to 37°. Happy birthday to Sam Cooke, Lord Byron and Malcolm McLaren.

Last night’s State of the Commonwealth speech was not overly inspirational. It was more of the ‘blocking and tackling‘ that we’ve come to expect from Baker. And that’s OK.

If you’re looking for a fixer-upper, this Louisburg Square gem shouldn’t break the trust fund.

There had been suspicion that it was the Saudis that hacked Jeff Bezos phone back in 2018. The Guardian is now reporting that the hack came in a message from the Saudi Crown Prince himself. Bizarre. It goes without saying that this raises new questions about the Khashoggi murder.

No laptops or smart phones are allowed in the Senate chambers for the impeachment trial. But how about an Apple Watch? They seem to be sneaking through.

And though few even know what a boom-box is these days, this law is still on the books. Radio Raheem would not have approved.

Home is where you make it

Wednesday the 15th of January and the anniversary of the Great Molasses Flood.

Going green is killing birds. At least in one building in Providence.

This is an interesting case: A college kid walking in New York one night in 2018 kicked in a pile of boxes he thought was trash on the sidewalk. But it was actually a constructed cardboard structure built by a homeless man who was sleeping inside. The homeless man was jolted awake and fatally stabbed the kid kicking in his home. He has been charged with murder and is invoking the castle doctrine as a defense.

An academic paper aimed at email spammers. I agree with both the premise and the conclusion. But I have to wonder about the peer review process.

The Verge has a more balanced account of the back and forth between the DOJ and Apple on retrieving info from the Pensacola shooter’s phones and iCloud accounts. Apple continues to be adamant about not providing backdoors, for good reason.

And it doesn’t look like there’s an Impossible McBurger on the horizon anytime soon.

You are the product

A warm and windy Sunday. Happy birthday to Jeff Bezos, Haruki Murakami and Haverhill’s own Rod Zombie.

Complaining can be good. Except when it’s bad.

You know Facebook is tracking you*. Wired describes just how much information is being collected and what you can do to limit how it’s being used.

This WaPo headline on Tom Steyer‘s campaign is a great example of Betteridge’s Law in action.

If you wanted to analyze your Apple Card spending patterns you were out of luck until now. A frustrated cardholder (and developer) came up with a solution, which he is now offering for a small fee.

And science has apparently established what we all know to be true: looks count.

Focusing on the fundamentals

It’s January 8th. I think it’s Wednesday. Happy birthday to Soupy Sales, Elvis and Stephen Hawking. (Update: also Issac Asimov. )

Is Texas ground zero in the war with Iran? 10,000 cyber-attacks per minute seems like a lot.

Marty Walsh’s ongoing strategy of bolstering the middle class was evident in his State of the City address. Functional public transportation, affordable housing and education are what keep middle class workers in the city. And it’s the middle class that keeps the city healthy and vibrant.

There’s a Navy ship in Franklin Park? Yep, I checked Apple Maps this morning and it’s still there.

I’m a big fan of Italian wines, especially those from around Tuscany. So this proposed 100% tariff on all European wine is bad news. Please don’t force me to drink American Merlot!

And Dark energy has been a real problem for physics. But maybe, after all that searching and head-scratching, there’s nothing to it. That would be a little embarrassing.

Come on and take a free ride

Today is Tuesday. In 1998 an impeachment trial began in the Senate.

Don’t hate winter. Embrace it.

Free MBTA buses. It’s really not that bad of an idea, but I suspect it wouldn’t be feasible from a cost point of view. I would first lean towards something that would make payments much easier and a lot cheaper, not only on buses but on the entire system. Non-proprietary micropayments of some kind.

The FBI is once again asking Apple for help unlocking a phone. Sounds like they’re at least working together on it this time.

No, we’re not going to bomb cultural sites. I can’t believe this is even a discussion.

And live in concert, it’s your favorite dead musician.