We buy ugly federalist townhouses

It’s Wednesday. Expect a warming trend. All the way up to 37°. Happy birthday to Sam Cooke, Lord Byron and Malcolm McLaren.

Last night’s State of the Commonwealth speech was not overly inspirational. It was more of the ‘blocking and tackling‘ that we’ve come to expect from Baker. And that’s OK.

If you’re looking for a fixer-upper, this Louisburg Square gem shouldn’t break the trust fund.

There had been suspicion that it was the Saudis that hacked Jeff Bezos phone back in 2018. The Guardian is now reporting that the hack came in a message from the Saudi Crown Prince himself. Bizarre. It goes without saying that this raises new questions about the Khashoggi murder.

No laptops or smart phones are allowed in the Senate chambers for the impeachment trial. But how about an Apple Watch? They seem to be sneaking through.

And though few even know what a boom-box is these days, this law is still on the books. Radio Raheem would not have approved.

The walls have ears (and eyes)

It’s a slow-paced Saturday morning and the beginning of astronomical winter.

A country divided: real tree or fake tree?

Syndicated local TV news stations are flooded with stories of families’ Ring home security systems being hacked. It looks horrible and makes Ring and Amazon seem insensitive. So what’s really going on? It looks like Ring security is pretty basic. And not in a good way. But there’s also a component of ‘normal’ people not understanding how to manage basic security. At the end of the day Ring is going to need to do better on the security front, if only to protect its brand.

The Times reviews a slate of developments in science from last year.

And if you’re getting ready for that winter workout resolution, these tips for cold weather exercise may come in handy.