Tables turned

Monday. The last one in 2020. We’re in the home stretch.

At the last minute the president signed the stimulus bill, barely averting an economic catastrophe. Guess he was just keeping us in suspense.

Portland is/was a great restaurant town. Brian McQuarrie looks at what the virus has done to it. Boston is also seeing more eateries close. And Frank Bruni mourns the loss of restaurant culture in New York.

A number of people, including Tyler Cowen, believe that the roaring twenties of technology-driven innovation is about to take off. I certainly hope so.

There’s more on the guy from the Nashville bombing. Downtown by Petula Clark was playing over the loudspeaker before the explosion. Nothing yet on motive. Already the conspiracy nuts are out and trying to connect the explosion to the election.

And Scotty was finally beamed up.

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