Systemic and pervasive

Thursday. A beautiful day ahead.

The monolith, or another like it, is back, now in a brand new location. It’s about two hundred miles north of Los Angles, in a town near the coast. This is already starting to get old.

President Trump recorded a long video address posted to Facebook yesterday. In it, he claimed that the election was rigged. He pledged to expose the fraud and all the schemes. He’s still the president so he could bring the full weight and investigative power of the Justice Department to bear on these allegations. But apparently there already was a Justice Department investigation which found no sign of fraud. All of this makes the speech, and the wild accusations tossed out by the president, so weird and extraordinary. Philip Bump calls it the most petulant 46 minutes in American history. The AP called it a diatribe, “detached from reality,” and Philip Rucker described it as “rambling and bellicose.” I watched the whole thing and I think they all understate just how batshit crazy it was.

We’re one week out from Thanksgiving and almost the whole country is now a hotspot. In Massachusetts yesterday we set a record for new cases. More importantly, hospitalizations are rising, up almost 300% since November 1st.

Vaccine production capacity will be limited in 2021 and worldwide demand will be high. So which countries have pre-ordered vaccines to insure a sufficient supply? According to figures reported by Nature, Canada is well ahead of the pack with almost 9 doses per citizen pre-ordered. The UK, Australia and the EU have between 3 and 5 doses per capita already ordered. The US is on the books with pre orders for just over 2 doses per person, although there are options for additional supply -if it’s available.

And Google wants to put you to work. Soon you will be able to use your phone camera to add to Street View.

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