Switching to plan b

It’s Wednesday. Exile on Main Street is 49 years old today.

Where is Q? Two data science researchers did a forensic analysis that put him somewhere on the west coast and occasionally in China and Thailand.

I think Kim Janey is taking a common sense approach to getting people out to Long Island: ferry now, bridge later. Smart.

Most of the people who haven’t yet been vaccinated are not opposed to a shot. They’re more just disorganized, or lazy. But the anti-vax folks are still a factor. Mack Lamoureux reports on the goings on in crazytown.

In the wake of the Colonial pipeline attack, Brian Krebs takes a detailed look at how the DarkSide ransomware gang does business. It’s quite an operation. And DC Police data is still being held for ransom by a different group, Babuk, which had previously wanted to get out of the business but apparently haven’t done so.

And, speaking of the Colonial attack, gasoline anxiety is starting to kick in just as people begin making plans for Memorial Day travel. That’s unfortunate.

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