Supply and demand

Friday. Happy New Year. Goodby to the Rat. Hello to the Ox.

Bill Walczak looks at The Globe, then and now.

Even with prioritization, there aren’t enough doses available for everyone who wants the vaccine. States are trying to master just-in-time supply chain dynamics and it isn’t going well in many places, including Massachusetts. The feds have ordered another 200 million doses, which is a good thing because soon everyone will be lined up for a shot.

There will be a new postage stamp for US physicist Chien-Shiung Wu, who was recognized for her work on charge parity violation (which sounds boring but is actually a big deal.)

Boston 25 News reports that Maura Healy’s office has cleared Rachel Rollins of criminal liability for her incident with a motorist last December. The case is now going to the state ethics commission for review.

And there’s only one K-Mart left in Massachusetts and now it’s closing. Where will I get my suits?

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