Strange bedfellows

Thursday, August 20th, 2020. Darwin published his theory on this date in 1858.

No mopeds for a while on Block Island.

A Republican PAC is supporting a candidate in the Democratic primary for Massachusetts Governor’s Council. Bruce Mohl follows the money to the usual suspects.

A new poll in Scotland is showing unprecedented support for independence. How it will play out in practice is unclear at this point but, as one person put it, the writing is on the wall for Scotland and Great Britain.

Megan McArdle watched the videos from Portland and saw anti-police activists calling the police, and protester ‘security’ brutalizing a man in their custody. It’s a “complicated relationship,” she concludes.

BU students are wondering exactly what happens if they test positive for Covid-19. Here’s the low down.

And to reduce the population of buzzing bloodsuckers, Florida officials are releasing 750 million genetically engineered mosquitoes. File under: ‘What could possibly go wrong?’.

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