Steam-punk vaccinations

Today is Wednesday. March is, in fact, going out like a lamb.

G. Gordon Liddy has died at 90. He was bonkers, even by today’s standards.

If you’ve been vaccinated, don’t lose that paper card or leave in in a pocket to go through the wash. Vaccine development may have been a next century technological achievement but the record keeping for who gets vaccinated remains something from the Victorian era.

The saga of the Fattman campaign contributions continues. A judge has ruled against the couple and now the matter will be referred to the AG. Bruce Mohl follows the money.

Charlie Baker’s poll numbers were down after initial vaccine rollout stumbles but – surprise – they’re back up again. Most people give him high marks overall. This is not great news for Maura Healey, who was expected to challenge him for the governor’s job.

And that Volkswagen name change? Nevermind. Just an early April Fool’s joke gone off the rails.

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