Steady state

Sat. 4.25.20. Crick and Watson introduced us to DNA on this day in 1953.

Tom Brady walked into the wrong house in Florida. Usually people get shot for that.

Some states are beginning to reopen, notably Arkansas, Georgia and South Carolina. It’s an experiment with historical precedent. I guess we’ll see if things have changed since the first go around or if this virus is just different in nature than the 1918 flu. In any case, I’ll be happy to see how it all unfolds watching from a state with competent leadership.

More on Kim Jong Un’s health problems: China dispatches a medical team to assist. Still no public appearances by the leader.

Doctors are seeing more young people infected with Covid-19 suffering or dying from stroke.

Andrea Campbell wrote an opinion piece highlighting the disproportionate impact that the virus has had in her neighborhood.

And it looks like Bolsonaro likes the numbers where they are.

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