Staying in your own lane

It’s Saturday, good beach weather. Jaws is 45 years-old today, so it should be safe to go into the water by now.

Star Market is going public. It’s not a trendy tech IPO but, who knows, they do seem to be making money.

The City Council is not great at managing complex operational tasks. And that’s ok because that’s not their role. So we should take a pass on this proposed ordinance to change how we handle 911 calls. Although the idea may have some merit in principle, the devil is usually in the details and operational details are what the executive branch is responsible for.

Mona Charen, a conservative writer, explains how she came to rethink her previously held views on race and policing after the death of George Floyd.

There are two new albums out this week from 1960s icons. 79 year-old Bob Dylan dropped Rough and Rowdy Ways. It’s pretty damm good. And Neil Young released an album that had been in the can since 1974 called Homegrown. Some songs, like Love is a Rose and the beautiful Star of Bethlehem, had made their way to other albums over the years but it’s nice to hear them here as part of the original set.

And what is this strange thing? A billion dollar bipartisan effort cheered by conservationists and supported by the White House? Yes, it’s the Great American Outdoors Act and it’s a real thing.

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