Stating the obvious

Today is March 9th. A Wednesday.

There’s nepotism and favoritism in City Hall, according to the Globe.

Today’s headline is that Russia is leaving the Internet. Reports say that they will cut the line at the end of the week. Next month’s headline might be that ransomware attacks in the US seem to have disappeared. So there’s that.

At the United Nations, words and language can be important. But this seems a little nit-picky to me.

If you park at the commuter rail station in Cleary Square you’ll pay $6.50 to get into Boston. Or you could take a short walk over the hill to Fairmount station and pay two bucks less. Both routes take about 20 minutes to get to South Station. Or you could drive a couple of minutes down the street to Readville—and pay even more. Bruce Mohl highlights this weirdly inconsistent fare setting.

And after 106 years, researchers have found Shackleton’s Endurance. Amazing.

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