Stamp of approval

Good morning. Today is Saturday.

This interview with Stanford professor Gary Nolan kind of sneaks up on you when you realize he’s talking about his work analyzing engineered metals from UFOs. I was looking for some indication that he was a nut job or that this was a practical joke, but none of that jumped out. The opposite, actually.

The Globe has endorsed Lydia Edwards in the race for state Senate. I agree. Edwards has been a standout on the City Council. Matt Stout looks at the race.

Ian Aldrich remembers Mr. Rogers in his other neighborhood, Madaket. “We’re not Mr. and Mrs. Rogers here — we’ve always been Joanne and Fred to everybody,” he once told the Globe. That was true.

Adrian Walker goes over who isn’t going to be the next Suffolk DA.

And if you’re looking for an investment opportunity, but don’t want to get into stocks or gold, economists from the Higher School of Economics in Russia have one word for you: plastic. Plastic Legos.

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