Squandered potential

Happy Thursday. Humidity will be off the charts today.

When Father Conway raises the alarm, I think BPD should listen.

The Social Progress Index uses 50 social and environmental indicators to rank countries. Tier 1 countries, which make up the top 13, are Norway, Denmark, Finland, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Iceland, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland and Japan. The usual suspects. The US is in Tier 2 at #28, behind Greece and Slovenia. Nicholas Kristof thinks it’s a crying shame. And it is.

President Trump: Pandemic? What pandemic? Congress: Pandemic? What pandemic?

There was a headline earlier in the week stating that the Sturgis rally generated 250,000 new cases with a cost of over $12 billion dollars! Skeptical? You should be.

5G phone coverage comes in low, mid and high band. Low-band is comparable to current LTE speeds and coverage is great. Mid-band 5G is much faster than LTE and coverage will be very good. High-band is super fast but coverage is limited. So what are the carriers planning to adopt? T-Mobile/Sprint are going with the mid-band sweet spot and Verizon is gambling on the high-band. AT&T, which at one time had the best data network in the country, has its own ‘fake’ version of 5G, which PC Magazine rates as “essentially worthless.”

And if you don’t know where you’ve been and don’t mind being tracked, Google Maps timeline is for you. Here’s a ‘how to.’

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