Spitballing on public safety

Wednesday. Balanced on the hump of the week. It’s the anniversary of the Watergate break-in.

I don’t think I ever heard this story about Bill Murray. Hilarious.

There are new calls for removing (school department) police from the schools but others interviewed think it’s a bad idea. Boston police union leaders are working with Black and Latino legislators on a police reform package while Jeff Jacoby wants to completely eliminate police unions. Where do body cameras fit into all this? And Ross Douthat looks at three options for the future of policing.

China has leapt ahead in an important future technology area, quantum entangled communications.

Vice President Pence argues that we’re not in a second wave of coronavirus infections. He’s right, of course. We’re still in the first.

Bot or not: the controversy over how many humans are left on social media.

And speaking of bots, if you’re thinking of getting a dog, you might want to consider this four legged creature. Guaranteed not to chew up the remote.

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