The sounds of silence

Wednesday. Mid-week stretch. And it’s Earth Day.

A lot of people are growing pandemic beards. Probably not a good idea, say medical experts.

This summer’s concert season is a bust. Lots of tour cancellations. I’m watching for word about our local music festival, Levitate. Nothing solid yet on a cancellation but I can’t imagine it will go forward as scheduled in early July. At best it may have to be postponed.

Governor Baker describes where we are in Massachusetts with the coronavirus by using football terms. We’re ahead… but the game isn’t over yet. It’s only the third or fourth quarter. And around here we know it isn’t over until it’s over, right?

Speaking of that, there’s this. The Gronk show is picked up for another season.

Photojournalists are out there covering the news. There’s no working from home for them.

And if you want to get people to stop smoking, send in the smoking kids.

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