Something is better than nothing

Friday. A beautiful snowy morning.

Things are looking up. A giant asteroid is not hurtling towards Earth. That’s good. But there’s a Russian rocket coming down. Actually, astronomers aren’t overly concerned about that too much either.

As promised, Mayor Wu has named her search committee for a new police commissioner. It seems like a reasonable mix of stakeholders, if maybe a little light on the practitioner side, with only ex-commissioner Ed Davis representing the law enforcement profession. But it’s good that things are at least moving in the direction of getting the department back on track.

Sweden has gone from ABBA and disco dancing to gangster rap and drive-by‘s.

Matt Murphy and Chris Lisinski have the deets on what’s happening at the Suffolk County Districts Attorney‘s office. Kevin Hayden is coming in as interim DA. A solid choice. And outgoing Rachael Rollins will be handing him some new, high profile projects.

And Leonardo DiCaprio is now a tree. Not a speaking part, I assume.

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