Solidarity brother

It’s a beautiful sunny summer Saturday morning. Today’s word is beholden.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board slams Trump’s new trade war with Canada.

The Globe editorial workers union is upset with owner John Henry. They’re taking the fight to his other big franchise, Fenway Park, where there’ll be picketing outside the mostly empty ballpark. MLB’s Players Association has come out in support of the writers. (Not sure if any of the local police unions have taken a position yet.)

When and why did pickup trucks get so damm big. They’re everywhere. The grill on some of these monstrosities looks like a Mac truck coming down the road at you.

So now China and Russia get to participate in our presidential elections. Very democratic of us.

The Wonder Wheel is 100 years old, but there’ll be no celebration this year.

And for some reason I don’t think Joe Solomon really cares what the Methuen City Council thinks about him.

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