Soft underbelly

Sunday. The word of the day is resilience.

Nobody is going to kindergarten this year. It’s too crowded.

This piece by Karina Elwood taps into a longstanding concern I have about our national societal infrastructure. “Think schools, think water utilities, think service organizations, think smaller local governments, all of that.” They’re currently vulnerable to ransomware attacks, but only sporadically targeted and because it’s ransomware, there’s a potential for recovery. But imagine a coordinated and wide-ranging nation state attack where money isn’t the motive. We would be crippled.

The Wirecutter reviews some very ugly laptop backpacks. I’ll stick with my old beat-up Tom Bihn Synapse, which has few of the qualities the reviewers focused on but nonetheless is just a great, durable, cool looking bag.

Boston Magazine’s Spencer Buell wrote a story on Friday about restaurant owners who are requiring proof of vaccination. Then, the next day, the Globe’s Kara Baskin wrote a story about restaurant owners who are requiring proof of vaccination. Both stories highlighted the same two restaurants in Cambridge and East Boston and they each interview the same people. I assume that someone from one of the restaurants reached out to both writers who each followed up with their own reporting. But I’m always fascinated by how and why stories like this appear, and when.

And you may not have heard about the Icelandic hot dog. But they’re real. And they’re spectacular.

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