Tuesday, the 24th of August, 2021. It’s Waffle Day.

The Times ran the numbers for shootings in New York City. They aren’t great, basically, but things could be worse.

Caitlin Ghegan, writing for Trip Culture, endeavors to tell us everything we need to know about South Boston. For instance, it’s called Southie and is distinct from the South End and there are glassy office towers and hip restaurants. “South Boston is distinctly industrial – old brick and iron factories of the early 20th century house new businesses and apartments, while the Seaport is home to an Information Age construction boom of sleek glass towers and contemporary architecture.” It doesn’t help that an image captioned, “South Boston Seaport district,” is a photo of Harbor Towers, International Place and the Boston Harbor Hotel.

The Swedish Prime Minister resigned without notice or explanation. Sounds like something from the plot of Borgen.

Remember the Wall? It was going to be tremendous. There was going to be financing from investors in Mexico. It would be big, impenetrable and beautiful. Well, we’re $15 billion dollars in and we have 15 miles of new wall. This is what it looks like when it rains.

And tourism is the lifeblood of Hawaii. The governor of Hawaii to tourists: Stay away.

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