Smoke on the water

Sunday, August 30. Thurgood Marshall began his Supreme Court tenure on this date.

It’s a buyer’s market for apartments this fall.

A marijuana store may be coming to Quincy Market. Out of staters, 21 and over, are allowed to purchase cannabis in Massachusetts, so I’m curious if this store will focus on the tourist trade with overpriced, Boston themed offerings like Hub Haze, Paul Revere Pre-rolls and Beantown Buzz. Pick up a Harvard sweatshirt while you’re there.

The tide went out and the MBTA was swimming naked, financially speaking. Spencer Buell revisits the radical idea of eliminating fares and treating transit as a public good rather than an always-struggling commercial endeavor.

Speaking of radical ideas, let’s just eliminate the spring and fall time changes and stay with daylight savings all year long. It’s 2020. We can handle it.

And another Legal Sea Foods bites the dust. This time in Park Square.

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