Slow motion disappearing act

It’s Thursday. Surely it could not have been 40 years since Ted Stryker landed the plane.

Here’s the inside scoop on Boston Pizza Wars.

Sarah Betancourt reports that there are 6 less staffers at the Herald this morning after another round of layoffs. One of the people leaving noted that it was “the beginning of the end for the Herald.” I used to worry about Boston not being a two-paper town, especially for local coverage. But the truth is that, for some time now, we’ve barely been a one-paper town since the Globe is regularly scooped on local news by online sites and social media.

Juneteenth is one step closer to becoming a Massachusetts state holiday.

Pfizer is seeing encouraging results from a vaccine under development, with immunity-producing antibodies similar to those seen in people who have recovered from the virus. Next, testing will determine if the cure is worse than the disease. If it turns out to be safe, pricing and distribution challenges need to be worked out. Then we’re back to normal, right?

From over-touristed to no tourists, Venice and other cities are rethinking their identities.

And Brian Chen has advice for making your tech devices last longer.

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