Slow and steady

Monday, May 18. Today’s word is Exiguous.

Good preliminary results on vaccine development from Moderna. Fingers crossed.

Governor Baker is expected to announce the details of the first phase of the economic reopening sometime today. Leaked information indicates that big retailers will be allowed to open first, which some are saying is unfair to the small guys. But we’ll know more later in the day. Then we can gripe.

Getting married is complicated in these times. Zoom officiated weddings aren’t legal but you can still pull off a ceremony if you check all the right boxes. Boston Magazine walks us through the process.

Running the engines and rotating the tires is just one part of the maintenance plan for a $375 million dollar depreciating asset. Kent German looks into how airlines are keeping their grounded fleets airworthy.

And Astrid Kirchherr, who photographed the Beatles in the early days and was reported to have designed their mop-top haircuts, has died at 81. Pete Best sent his condolences in a tweet. (Yes, Pete Best is still around -and tweeting.)

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