Sisyphus in blue

Good Saturday morning. Happy birthday to Edward Rowe Snow, Ray Bradbury and photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson.

A Wisconsin coffee shop that had declared itself a mask-free zone will be closing after battling with local authorities. They fought the law. They did not win.

The NYPD is doubling down on community engagement. But as the first two paragraphs of the story show, it’s hard going. Still, it’s the right approach. And one of the centerpieces of the Washington D.C. Metro Police’s community outreach efforts is being disbanded because of budget cuts. No more horse mounted unit.

Globe writers and contributors have compiled a list of desert island music selections and they’ve picked some good ones.

The Internet has been overflowing lately with advice and analysis for people seeking happiness. Be optimistic. That’s one way to be happy. Get old, that’s another. Be trusting and don’t get famous. Argue productively. Those are ways, too. But don’t be too happy. That can be toxic. What the Internet giveth, the Internet taketh away.

And those air conditioners that were promised by New York authorities? They’re still coming. Should be there by October. November at the latest.

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