Shocked and chagrinned

Sunday. Full stop on the week. The weather is beautiful. The news is dark and cloudy.

The cold, barren expanse of City Hall Plaza will soon be a warm and cozy snuggery. Seems like I’ve heard that before.

Ted Cruz is not in favor of boycotts, except, of course, when he is.

Coronavirus numbers are still rising in the US, reversing many planned reopenings. You know it must be getting bad if the president is wearing a mask. And kids will be heading back to school in less than two months, which will likely spread the virus even more. Our status in the world is being affected. American passports are now pretty much worthless. We’re our own worst enemy. The new face of America is this guy, and this guy and this guy and these guys. How did we, as a nation, get so confused and discombobulated.

The City Council has scheduled two hearings on the Boston Police Department, one to talk about overtime and police salaries and the other to discuss union contract negotiations. (I must have missed the hearings on the fire department.) Also, an old BPD advisor, Jim Jordan, writes about what traits he would like to see in the new recruit class.

And when did we start naming and ascribing traits to entire generations? Sounds like a boomer thing, but it seems to be even older.

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