Shocked and chagrined

It’s Monday. Sandy Hook took place eight years ago today.

There’s more trash this year. Actual trash.

Today the Electoral College will cast its votes. Some people actually still believe that Trump won – that the election was stolen. For them, that perception is reality. It reminds me of the disconnect between the OJ jury and the rest of the world. (Think Rudy Giuliani as Johnny Cochran: If the signatures weren’t checked you must not elect.) Sabrina Tavernise considers the implications for the country.

Google services went down this morning. But it looks like they’re back now. The outage affected Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Hangouts and Google Meet. In other words, everything.

What comes after after smartphones is a really interesting take from Benedict Evans. The last century has seen a series of transformative tech, from cars to radio, telephone, TV, etc. In the last 30 years the trend has accelerated. Computers, laptops, networks, the Internet, web, cloud, smartphones and social. What’s next? It’s a very good question.

And even Tim Apple is annoyed by all those notifications. Welcome to the club, Tim.

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