Shake then serve

It’s…. Friday! And, it’s Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day!

Irish dancing to hip hop music? It works well.

A quarter million people are heading to Sturgis from all around the US for the annual motorcycle rally. They’ll mingle together and then head back to their hometowns, bringing back whatever they picked up. This isn’t just a super spreader event, like that Biogen conference. This is a mega-spreading event. On steroids.

That experiment in Seattle, where police retreated and activists took over a neighborhood, didn’t turn out as peacefully or as orderly as some had hoped. Actually it sounds like it was a nightmare. Business owners in the autonomous zone are now suing the city for leaving them high and dry.

Economics says many contradictory things and to some observers it’s more art than science. But one principle in the field stands as the most replicated and confirmed experiment in science, ever: supply and demand.

The Massachusetts Bail Fund doesn’t think bail is effective in preventing crime. Circumstances have conspired to prove them wrong.

And if you’re the adventurous type, the Big Sur public beta is now available for download. I’m still getting used to it but if you’re considering taking the leap, Roman Loyola has a guided tour.

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