Seeking equilibrium

Sunday morning. It’s a birthday for Studs Terkel, Danny Trejo and Liberace.

In a Globe Ideas piece, Michael Fortner sees rising crime rates as a threat to progress on police reform, which kind of gets to the heart of the dilemma.

Covid disrupted the status quo for lower-wage service workers. When their jobs disappeared those workers found other ways to survive and now they’re in no hurry to return. Many have found a different type of work and others are just waiting it out. If these workers are not rushing back, maybe it’s a sign that their services were undervalued in the marketplace. Something like this has happened before, you know.

Skylarking, by XTC, is one of my favorite albums. It’s a “summer’s day cooked into one cake.” The story of how it got made is also one of the great tales of rock music.

Michael Jonas wonders about the scattered decision making by Marty Walsh‘s aides in the the appointment, and then suspension, of Dennis White. It was quite a cluster.

And would you vote for this man? I probably would, but not everyone agrees. He did chop down that cherry tree, after all.

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