Seeing the unforeseen

Monday again. We can do this.

If you absolutely have to go to the grocery store, here are some tips, and advice for doing it safely.

George W. Bush, speaking in 2005, after reading about the 1918 Spanish Flu: “Look, this happens every 100 years. We need a national strategy.” This crisis was absolutely foreseeable. In fact, it was a train coming down a straight track. On a set schedule.

Former homeland security advisor Tom Bossert wrote an interesting article that considers strategies for eventually getting back to normal. To do that right will require a complex and well coordinated effort from government, business and the medical establishment. Whether America in 2020 can pull it off is anyone’s guess.

Dan Balz writes about the challenges of crisis management within the federal bureaucracy. It’s a long article but worth the time.

Abbey Road is closed.

And Google Maps is helping us to find local restaurants that offer takeout and delivery so we can support them. Tip, tip tip. Lots of food workers depend on tips.

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