It’s a Tuesday in winter. But spring is just around the corner.

Those old, Flash-based National Weather Service weather radar displays were frustratingly archaic. But at least they worked.

Tighter restrictions are coming to Ireland as bars and restaurants will be shuttered on Christmas Eve. It’s thought that the British mutation has already made its way there.

Peter Jackson and his crew did an amazing job with old bits of World War One footage, restoring and weaving them into a well researched, moving film. Now he’s been let loose in the vault for The Beatles’ Get Back movie project where there’s more than 60 hours of previously unseen film. The virus has slowed things down but work is picking back up. In the meantime, Jackson has released a sneak peak.

There’s more talk about an Apple car. This report says it may come within five years. Let’s just say I’m dubious.

And it turns out that dead people did vote in the election. For Trump.

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