Safety in numbers

A nice Friday morning. Sun is expected today after a deluge of rain late yesterday and overnight.

Sometimes cops can be their own worse enemy.

Protesting without a mask, even outside, was not a very smart or responsible thing to do. But apparently now it’s safe to gather in a large indoor auditorium for a political rally. No mask required. No six foot separation. No worries. But just in case we’re completely wrong about all this, please sign this liability waiver.

Nilay Patel assesses the current state of the Internet. He’s not happy about it.

Douglas Brinkley interviews Bob Dylan ahead of the release of his new album, Rough and Rowdy Ways. They discuss the optimism of youth and the pessimistic nostalgia of older generations.

And speaking of generations, people from the Uber/Lyft generation are discovering taxis now that covid has left Boston with shortage of available ride shares.

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