Rubber meets road

Thursday, November 25.

Billy Baker reminds us that deer were on the menu for the first Thanksgiving. There were lots of them in those days. Today there are even more! And don’t get me started on those turkeys.

ATV gangs are back in the news. Russell Holmes is fighting the good fight. City Councillor Julia Mejia is trying to get ahead of the problem by engaging with the riding communities, probably not an effective way to prevent these incidents but it is at least an effort. Mayor Wu’s spokesperson says “there’s no place for violence in our communities.” That’s it. Now that she’s in charge she kind of owns the problem so we would expect a little more in terms of proposed solutions. Even the Globe notes that “she did not comment on any plans to address the simmering issue of off-road vehicles in streets and public parks.”

It takes a lot of people and effort to get food to our Thanksgiving tables. Corey Kilgannon watched it happening. And Ronald Shafer remembers the first (and last) “Franksgiving.”

Washington DC has had its 200th homicide of the year. The trend is upward. Boston, which has a similar sized population and comparable demographics, has seen under 50 murders and the trend is downward. What would account for this disparity? Globe readers would probably not attribute it to the strategic approach taken by the city’s police department. But hey, just sayin.

And a politician in Georgia is down in the pecking order but still standing by his giant chicken. Ain’t that America.

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