Roll up those sleeves

Today is Wednesday. Only 8 (!) more shopping days till Christmas.

A couple of weeks ago the Winklevoss twins were bullish on Bitcoin. And here we are.

With vaccines beginning to roll out, the Globe looks ahead at the possibility of compulsory shots in light of a century old case, Jacobson v. Massachusetts, which allowed for government mandated vaccination in some circumstances.

Meet the new deep state, same as the old deep state – except different, in that it actually exists.

Ben Sandofsky, of Halide, explains how the ProRAW image format, available on some of the latest iPhones, works. In doing so, he gives one of the best overall primers on RAW itself that I’ve seen.

And Sebastian Modak had to visit Singapore a dozen times before he began to appreciate it. I’ve only been there twice but the city had me on the first visit to a street food stall.

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