Robbing Peter to pay Paul

Today is Thursday. October has arrived. And so has Fat Bear Week.

Still depressed about the debate? Watch this. You’ll feel much better. Really.

The FY 2021 state budget is still a work in progress. So, apparently, is the 2020 budget, which is about $700 million in the red. Shira Schoenberg reports that the governor is moving money around to fill the gaps.

If you’re planning to head to northern Maine to see the foliage, this is the weekend to do it.

Thomas Friedman, who cut his teeth in Lebanon watching an established government and society break apart into disorder and warring factions, thinks we should be concerned. That makes me concerned.

And there’s an air leak on the International Space Station and it’s growing. Sounds bad but really it’s been there for over a year and at least now they think they know where it is. Reassuring, right?

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