Rising numbers

Friday. Still counting. Maybe, maybe.

It’s news that the Massachusetts Legislature is not raising taxes. A case of man bites dog.

The state mask mandate begins today. We’re not alone. Maine has one too. That ‘thousand cases a day’ milestone came and went in October. Now we’re approaching the two thousand mark. Yesterday’s total was over 1700. And Thanksgiving is coming. Here’s the most recent chart with a trendline.

A billion dollars worth of bitcoin was mysteriously transferred out of darknet site founder Ross Ulbricht’s wallet earlier in the week. Who was responsible? We now know who (Uncle Sam) and why (forfeiture). That is a big seizure.

Baron Wolman has died. He was the staff photographer for Rolling Stone magazine in the sixties and seventies and responsible for some iconic images from that era.

And if you are buying a new iPhone 12 Mini or Pro Max, Apple is taking orders this morning. My blue Pro Max order is in. Can’t wait to put the camera system through its paces. So now that that’s done, we can start talking about next year’s iPhone 13.

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