On the high plateau

Friday, the 8th of May. Thomas Pynchon’s 83rd birthday.

Expect long lines at George Wright golf course tomorrow.

It’s not over until it’s over. And it’s not over. Before we begin to worry about a second wave we have to finish with the first wave. And that hasn’t yet happened. We’re getting there, but we’re not there yet.

Many people are certain that they had “the ‘rona” before it was even a thing. This phenomenon even has a name, thinkihadititis. Some people report being affected as early as November of last year. Not likely, say scientists. But you never know. There’s still a lot we don’t know about the spread of this virus.

Want to spice up your Zoom calls with a new interesting background? The BBC has you covered.

And Stephen Wolfram is at it again. His last book, A New Kind of Science, was released almost twenty years ago. It was an attempt to explain the complexity of the universe using a handful of very simple computational rules, ala cellular automaton. An interesting approach but it didn’t really revolutionize science as he had hoped it would. His latest challenge to the status quo is just as ambitious, a new, fully formed theory of fundamental physics. Reviews are mixed you could say.

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