Return on equity

Welcome to Friday. Today is Bob Ross‘s birthday.

Travel site ChubbyDiaries points us to the most underrated neighborhoods in Boston. Some of them are actually in Boston.

What happens when a good idea is taken to the extreme? Ryan Peterson explains the supply chain crisis in 20 tweets. He’s right on the money. Businesses got a little too lean before the pandemic hit.

The conservative editorial board at the Wall Street Journal wanted to explain why they published a letter to the editor by Donald Trump. They started out by mocking the liberal press before going on in point-by-point fashion to explain why everything Trump is saying about the election is completely insane. It’s a strange piece.

Fishing access, like the Northern Ireland Protocol, was one of those things that was supposedly worked out in BREXIT negotiations. But now the British are harrumphing over the seizure of a scallop boat caught fishing without a license in French waters. A deal’s a deal, guys.

And why do some dogs tilt their heads? It’s for the same reason Jack Benny didn’t hand over his money. They’re thinking.

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