Relegated to irrelevance

Today is Tuesday. The most unprestigious day of the week.

Costco has some good deals. Even for rich people.

The state GOP lost five seats in the Legislature in 2020, leaving just three Republicans in the Senate. Matt Stout reports that party leadership is rethinking its approach to focus more on party unity and less on red cap RINO rhetoric.

Joe Biden has a point of view on investigating or prosecuting Trump when he becomes a private citizen and I think it’s a healthy one, meant to unify the country. Whether the outgoing president or his followers will cooperate in the whole unity thing is up in the air for now.

Mike Campbell has found his own voice, post Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and that voice sounds a lot like Tom Petty.

And now that I’m retired, my inbox is not nearly as frenetic as it once was (I’ve gone from inbox zero to zero attention to my inbox.) I was always fascinated by the possibilities of the GTD way of working but I never completely got it down. Cal Newport talks to Merlin Mann in this New Yorker piece about the pitfalls of productivity.

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