Reinventing the wheel

Sunday morning. Clouds and rain. Happy birthday to Wolfgang Pauli.

David Smith hacked Ted Lasso’s shortbread recipe.

An array of experts is proposing a novel idea for police reform in Boston: Focus more on community engagement and less on arrests for minor offenses. I wonder where I’ve heard that before.

Apple supplier, Quanta Computer, was hacked. It was, of course, a ransomware attack. The hackers were demanding $50 million dollars. What happens if the ransom is paid but the data isn’t restored? Well, you can’t get your money back. Ransomware is a crap shoot. So if we can’t eliminate ransomware can we at least make it more reliable? Matthew Green has some suggestions.

The Times reports a huge reallocation of IP addresses formerly managed by the Pentagon. I’m sure this makes sense to the people involved but I’m a little confused as to what’s going on.

And Gene Weingarten has some ideas on how to lose weight. Only eat foods that taste horrible. “Hot sauce is legal, but you have to use too much of it. You may also use salt, but only if you over-salt and over-pepper, and add three other emphatically flavored spices that notoriously quarrel: Mix and match among garlic, fennel, basil, cloves and cinnamon.” Sounds like a plan.

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