Reinventing the wheel

A summer Saturday.

New data shows that ending jobless benefits didn’t have a big impact on unemployment. Amrheins, take note.

Nice story in the Globe about police-organized youth basketball games. Apparently, a couple of months ago a member of the State Police and someone from the Sheriff’s office came up with this idea. Strange that the story didn’t mention Boston Police Superintendent Nora Baston, who’s been doing this for years and practically invented the concept.

William Shatner, at 90, is still going strong. Two TV shows, a movie, an album and more. I’ll have what he’s having.

In 2020, 61% of Americans paid no federal income tax. It was a bad year. Experts want to get the numbers back to the pre-pandemic 44% not paying their taxes.

And even if Americans can’t agree on much, at least we can all agree on aliens.

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