Redefining success

Monday redux. Today is Vietnam War Veterans Day.

About that ship in the Suez Canal… well, there’s good news and there’s bad news.

Researchers from New York University, Rutgers and Texas A&M used data from the Suffolk County DA’s office to determine if prosecution for low level offenses leads to recidivism – and the answer is yes, it does. The results ring true. The conventional wisdom is that prosecution for any offense will lead to recidivism. So lack of prosecution will likely reduce recidivism. Makes sense. The study is being seen as a vindication for District Attorney Rachael Rollins, who has formalized a policy of not prosecuting for some minor crimes. The research suggests that there are benefits for offenders who might otherwise become pulled into the criminal justice system. But the study doesn’t address how Rollins’ policies impact victims or overall crime rates, which is where critics say Rollins approach still falls short.

Digital photos are data. There’s the image and then there’s all that unseen meta-data. The BBC’s Jerone Andrews gives a good primer on all of thing your pictures can tell other people.

When it comes to how to board an airplane everyone is an expert. Back to front. Front to back. Window to aisle. Anything would be faster than what we have now. Research has been conducted. Mathematicians have calculated. Physicists have studied. Engineers have simulated. But, according to the CEO of American Airlines, the status quo is still the best way to do it.

And Volkswagen is readying the ID Buzz for 2023. I could see myself in one of these.

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